Project overview

After successfully adopting a carbon price in 2011, Australia now has the momentum to become a world leader in climate change policy, practice and advocacy. To build on this success, the UpSide series of interviews from UK experts in sustainability will help pave the way for new ideas and avenues for Australian sustainability leadership into the future.  

What is the upside?
The project consists of a series of video interviews with UK-based climate change economics and business experts. Each of these interviews will focus on a different sustainable vision with topics ranging from leading global agreement negotiations to dealing with risk in a climate change constrained world.

Why the UK? 
The UK has the world’s leading economic and business experts on climate change. In this pivotal time in Australia, advice and insights from these experts is essential to ignite further ideas, conversations and, above all, decisive action in this critical and complex area.

Who is the audience?
The audience is primarily business people who are looking at sustainable opportunities. Broadly the interviews will also be relevant for students, academics, activists and politicians. The interviews will vary in content and relevance to target specific groups.

What are the objectives?

  • To increase climate change expertise exchange from the UK to Australia
  • To motivate continued action on climate change in Australia
  • To develop new ideas, actions and attitudes for a sustainable Australia