Dr Simon Baptist
Vivid Economics
How can Australia boost its low carbon competitiveness?

Paul Berdugo
Climate Bridge
How could voluntary carbon markets benefit Australia and China?

Russell Bishop
Committee on Climate Change
The green youth perspective in London.

Tom Burke
How do you green Rio Tinto, one of Australia’s largest industrial polluters?

Dr Simon Dietz
Grantham Institute, Vivid Economics
How governments should discount our children’s future.

Dr James Gifford
UN Principles of Responsible Investment
Why are funds that are investing sustainably making the most money?

Dr Michael Grubb
Climate Strategies
How Australia has benefited from the mistakes of the EU ETS.

Kate Hampton
The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
What role does philanthropy have in solving climate change?

Dr Cameron Hepburn
Grantham Institute
Will China cause or save the rest of the world from catastrophic climate change?

Alex Kazaglis
Committee on Climate Change
Will the Climate Change Authority be Australia’s knight in shining green armor?

Julia King
Committee on Climate Change
How Australia can green its wheels.

Anthony Hobley
Norton Rose
How Australia can learn for the UK’s sustainability mistakes

Damien Morris
How can NGOs can police the CPRS?

Geoff Sinclair
Standard Bank
How UK banks have made profits out of the Clean Development Mechanism and how Australian banks can too.

Dr Fraser Thompson
McKinsey Global Institute
How Australia can turn its resource curse into a sustainable jackpot.